तत्त्द् गतिवशन्नित्यं यथा दृक्-तुल्यतां ग्रहाः।
प्रयान्ति तत्प्रवक्ष्यामि स्फ़ुटिकरणमादरात्॥
सुर्य सिद्धान्त ॥

यस्मिन् पक्षे यत्र काले येन दृग्गणितैक्यम्।
दृश्यते तेन पक्षेण कुर्यात्तिथ्यादिनिर्णयम्॥

यात्राविवाहोत्सवजातकादौ खेटैः स्फुटैरेवफलस्फुटत्वम्।
स्यात्प्रोच्यते तेन नभश्चराणां स्फुटक्रिया दृग्गणितैक्यकृद्या॥

तिथिर्विष्णुस्तथा वारो नक्षत्रं विष्णुरेव च।
योगश्च करणं चैव सर्वं विष्णु मयं जगत्॥


Thursday, November 19, 2009

New born child in ICU -- Vedic Astrology case study

I was working and I got an Instant Message saying, "My newly born nephew is in ICU. What do you see in his chart?" so I took a couple of minutes break from work and cast his chart.

The child is born under Saturn – Venus – Jupiter dasa. When he was born he was diagnosed with large heart and having trouble breathing. I was been asked if the child will survive or not.

Vedic chart of new born baby

Heart related diseases and Vedic Astrology:
  • Moon
  • Karka Rashi
  • 4th house

Chart Analysis

  1. Child is born in Vrishabha lagna – sthira lagna and hence Saturn yoga karaka but bhadhaka and Jupiter in badhaka sthana hence creating turbulence in health.
  2. Lagna is well afflicted by Maandi and Gulika.
  3. Saturn – Venus – Jupiter Dasa
  4. Karka rashi rules heart and Mars debilitated in that house and hence this makes karka rashi afflicted, asthamesh Jupiter with mula trikona rashi dhanush in 8th house makes Jupiter strong functional malefic and same way Mars’s mulatrikona mesha rashi in the 12th house and hence making him strong malefic.
  5. Chandra also rules heart and is debilitated in the chart and its lord is debilitated too.
  6. Saturn aspects Chandra by close aspect of nearly 60 degrees (3rd aspect).
  7. Jupiter in asthamesha and in asthama sthana in navamsha.
  8. Jupiter is debiliated.
  9. Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Mars the lord of 12th and deposited in the 3rd house.
  10. Venus is the lord of the sixth house and his mula trikona tula rashi in the 6th house and hence make him strong functional malefic. In vrishabha lagna venus is strong functional malefic. Also venus becomes exalted in navamsa and hence becomes a strong trouble maker.
  11. Mars aspects Venus with 4th sight and hence adding worries for Venus.
  12. Mars is debiliated in the 3rd house.
  13. Venus is in nakshatra of rahu who is in the 8th house.
  14. The native is running dasa of Saturn whose mula trikona rashi is aspected by strong malefic Mars.
  15. Saturn is yoga karaka and well placed in kona but his both rashis are occupied and aspected by Functional malefic Jupiter and natural malefic and functional malefic Mars.
  16. Saturn is in sun's nakshatra who is sitting in maraka sthana (7th house).
  17. Rahu in the 8th house causing turbulence in health.
  18. Rahu aspects Jupiter in the 9th bhava.
  19. 4th house is between papa-kartari of Mars and Saturn.
  20. Rahu aspecting 4th house.

From Chandra langa:

  1. Chandra in Vrischika debilitate and the Mars in the badhaka sthana from moon.
  2. Current dasa lord Saturn is a strong malefic and in the 11th house.
  3. Venus is strong functional malefic and a killer and deposited in the 12th bhava.
  4. Jupiter is also the killer being the lord of 2nd house from moon and deposited in the 3rd house.
  5. Natural malefic and Functional malefic Mars aspects Jupiter who is killer and Saturn’s both rashis – Makara and Kumbha.
  6. Ketu in 8th house makes him face dangers in life.
  7. 4th house aspected by Mars.

From point of view of lagna and moon, lagna is 2 degrees and moon is 9 degrees. All these mentioned above make current mahadasa of Saturn give adverse result even though Saturn being yoga karaka in rasi chart.

Chances of survival:

  1. Jupiter natural benefic aspects Mars. Although Jupiter is functional malefic but his aspect will be always benefic. Being the functional malefic he might create hiccup but will always try to help native.
  2. Jupiter aspecting lagna.
  3. Although lagna lord Venus in 6th bhava but in vaiseshikamsas he is in Simhasanasha, and making lagna lord strong.
  4. Lagna lord gets exalted in navamsa.
  5. Moon with functional benefic sun and mercury.
  6. Jupiter is weak in shadbala weakens him as 8th lord but weakens saving aspect as well but he is positioned in the 9th house may give long recovery path.


  1. Saturn: Hanuman chalisa
  2. Jupiter: Jupiter mantra Jaapa or reading of Jupiter charitra, or worship chanting of sai naam japaa.
  3. Venus: Venus mantra or mahamrityunjya japa.
  4. Mars: Hanuman chalisa, Kartikeya swami mantra japaa.

Jupiter mantra japa and hanuman chalisa did help child and within a day doctor declared that he is safe.


amit said...

Namskar ji

you are master of Panchanga. but in this chart you miss the first calculation to decode the pachanga.

like the native is born in paritpata and the day is Mangal which is creating tattwa dosha in chart mangal being day lord in neecha avstha will for sure create problem in health.further mangal is in astha amsha which is more worst condition. so the key planet is mangal need to take care which is lord or the 12th and the 7th house placed in third house but there is an exchange between mangal and the moon and the lagna lord in own sign in ucha amsha will save the child for sure. plz correct me if i am wrong

Unknown said...


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