तत्त्द् गतिवशन्नित्यं यथा दृक्-तुल्यतां ग्रहाः।
प्रयान्ति तत्प्रवक्ष्यामि स्फ़ुटिकरणमादरात्॥
सुर्य सिद्धान्त ॥

यस्मिन् पक्षे यत्र काले येन दृग्गणितैक्यम्।
दृश्यते तेन पक्षेण कुर्यात्तिथ्यादिनिर्णयम्॥

यात्राविवाहोत्सवजातकादौ खेटैः स्फुटैरेवफलस्फुटत्वम्।
स्यात्प्रोच्यते तेन नभश्चराणां स्फुटक्रिया दृग्गणितैक्यकृद्या॥

तिथिर्विष्णुस्तथा वारो नक्षत्रं विष्णुरेव च।
योगश्च करणं चैव सर्वं विष्णु मयं जगत्॥


Saturday, April 28, 2007


तत्त्द् गतिवशन्नित्यं यथा दृक्-तुल्यतां ग्रहाः।
प्रयान्ति तत्प्रवक्ष्यामि स्फ़ुटिकरणमादरात्॥सुर्य सिद्धान्त

tattd gativaśannityaṁ yathā dṛk-tulyatāṁ grahāḥ
prayānti tatpravakṣyāmi sfuṭikaraṇamādarāt surya siddhā nta

यस्मिन् पक्षे यत्र काले येन दृग्गणितैक्यम्।
दृश्यते तेन पक्षेण कुर्यात्तिथ्यादिनिर्णयम्॥

yasmin pakṣe yatra kāle yena dṛggaṇitaikyam
dṛśyate tena pakṣeṇa kuryāttithyādinirṇayam

यात्राविवाहोत्सवजातकादौ खेटैः स्फुटैरेवफलस्फुटत्वम्
स्यात्प्रोच्यते तेन नभश्चराणां स्फुटक्रिया दृग्गणितैक्यकृद्या॥

yātrāvivāhotsavajātakādau kheṭaiḥ sphuṭairevaphalasphuṭatvam
syātprocyate tena nabhaścarāṇāṁ sphuṭakriyā dṛggaṇitaikyakṛdyā

When we started http://www.mypanchang.com/ on Jan 8th 2007 first i posted only 3 cities, Bombay (Mumbai), Madrid(Iowa), Seattle (WA). Then i created an email a/c which was forwarded to my email account. I setup the wrong email address as the forwarding address by mistake. So all emails were bouncing but stored in my email a/c which I have responded later. But anyways, we got a very good response and in first 3 months, we got 10000 hits. We became very happy and suddenly we start getting more and more hits and in the 4th month (April 2007) the total hits are 12850+ and still going. Now we have more than 131 panchangs for different cities of the world. We are getting more and more good responses from the visitors. We want to take it to next level. Just keep watching and visiting http://www.mypanchang.com/. Soon we got help from Ms. Sowjanya Kodidala and for marketing, Ms. Payal Goorha designed beautiful website. Mr. Sistla Somayajulu is helping us on muhurtham front and bringing lots of suggestions, and starting to write articles on muhurthams, and helping people at the same time with muhurtham queries. I couldn't have done without all those people. Special thanks to my wife who silently tolerated with me while i was working on writing panchangam software and scratching my head while fixing bugs.

पंडित महेश शास्त्री

Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Hindu Satsang at http://www.hindusatsang.org (maintained by Jagadish Madhav who recently moved to seattle area). Another one i found interesting is I love God at http://www.ishwar.com. This is also very good website.

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