तत्त्द् गतिवशन्नित्यं यथा दृक्-तुल्यतां ग्रहाः।
प्रयान्ति तत्प्रवक्ष्यामि स्फ़ुटिकरणमादरात्॥
सुर्य सिद्धान्त ॥

यस्मिन् पक्षे यत्र काले येन दृग्गणितैक्यम्।
दृश्यते तेन पक्षेण कुर्यात्तिथ्यादिनिर्णयम्॥

यात्राविवाहोत्सवजातकादौ खेटैः स्फुटैरेवफलस्फुटत्वम्।
स्यात्प्रोच्यते तेन नभश्चराणां स्फुटक्रिया दृग्गणितैक्यकृद्या॥

तिथिर्विष्णुस्तथा वारो नक्षत्रं विष्णुरेव च।
योगश्च करणं चैव सर्वं विष्णु मयं जगत्॥


Thursday, February 28, 2008


People search internet to find auspicious times to perform their grahapravesham, weddings, etc….. This is because in Indian printed panchangam there are muhurthas printed for general purposes on the back page. People use that thinking they will be applicable to them. However, most of them forget to read the fine print that these are general purposes only. That means it’s there and you have to verify that they are good for you or not. Why do we need verification?

Muhurtham has several check list items:

  • First panchang shuddhi needs to be there. Panchang shuddi means the day is free from all effects of day, nakshatra, yoga, karana and tithi. After having panchang shuddhi and the day is good for that grahapravesham or wedding, it goes to general purpose good day for grahapravesham or wedding.
  • Second, that day needs to be good for you, for example you and your spouse’s stars (nakshatra, rasi) needs to be matching or favorable for that day, if it is it’s good if not it’s not good for you. Simply picking date from panchang and fixing your event of function doesn’t make sense.

Once again, picking that day and using it in another city or region or country altogether is wrong thing. Muhurtham can’t be transferred from one location to another location. The term muhurtham implies local sunrise and hence it can’t be transferred or used in another geographic location.

To find out today's star or looking for a panchangam? visit http://www.mypanchang.com and click on panchanga and select the city you want.

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